Ferdinand Mehlinger

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Google is the world's most popular search engine and Ferdinand Mehlinger had a big hand in making it what it is today. Having no idea that Backrub, a company he started working for in 1997 would eventually become Google, he helped to code and patent the algorithm that is still in use today.

If you are holding an event where the topics revolve around digital marketing, SEO, or any type of online exposure for your business, Ferdinand Mehlinger is a professional expert SEO speaker that you definitely want to book. 

His ability to deliver complex information in a fun and informative manner makes his conferences interactive and retentive. Plus the information that's provided is proven, tested and sometimes some of the most guarded secrets that are only shared amongst an elite group of SEO Experts that you can't find other than by referral. 

Ferdinand Mehlinger IV SEO Expert and Professional Speaker
Ferdinand Mehlinger IV Expert SEO Speaker for Digital Marketing Events

Being able to convey the minute details of how algorithms work and how to apply that to your business website is one of Ferdinand's talents. He is able to make it understandable and enjoyable. 

Knowing how to use Google specific properties to boost web page rankings within a matter of minutes is a main topic that he touches base on in every conference. 

“Why pay Google in ad spend when you can utilize authoritative properties for organic rankings.” 

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Failures and Successes

In the process of building his portfolio, there were many challenges, learning lessons, and failures along the way. However, with each endeavor, whether a success or failure, he has maintained a laudable position amongst the companies he has partnered with. 

From Biotech, E-waste data destruction and smell neutralization products to health and fitness influencer relationships and proprietary app development – Ferdinand's portfolio continues to grow and flourish with idiosyncratic partnerships.

You can catch up with the latest by following his podcast Taught by a Billionaire with new shows airing monthly. 

Ferdinand Mehlinger SEO Expert for Fortune 500 Companies


Backrub | Google

Ferdinand's time at Backrub wasn't what people envision Google today. The internet was just being built and in order to transfer that data from the Yellow Pages days to modern algorithms that fed information back equally and effortlessly was more grunt work than anything glorious. 

Backrub was the stepping stone to understanding how algorithms work. When Backrub became Google, Ferdinand went on his own with a small group to form their own eco-systems of what is known today as digital marketing. 

If you're looking for a professional Expert SEO Speaker for your next event, there is no one more qualified than Ferdinand Mehlinger.